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About Veris

Veris Bouwmaterialengroep BV is the backoffice of 24 shareholders with more than 125 outlets that exploit the formulas Bouwcenter, Bouwpunt and Stiho. The corebusiness of Veris is taking care of procurement, logistics, central invoicing, automation, marketing and formula development.
The 29 shareholders are family owned. Their corebusiness is trading in timber and building materials. Many of the shareholders also exploit a showroom for the sale of tiles, sanitary ware and kitchens. All this at over 130 locations in the Netherlands. This makes Veris Bouwmaterialengroep BV the largest group of builders’ merchants in the Netherlands.


Veris concludes annual agreements with key suppliers of premium brands in the building industry.



Central invoicing

Veris provides all its reference suppliers central invoicing. This guarantees the suppliers that all invoices will be met within the agreed deadline.



Automation and product data

From 2014, a central ERP system is rolled out to all affiliated companies. This enables all affiliated companies to use a modern automation system to keep the ICT cost low. The Veris Competence Center provides the best practical device, so that the business processes are supported optimally. Crucial is the central article management by Veris Bouwmaterialengroep. This provides all affiliated companies with a current product file with the correct prices and conditions.



Logistic strength

One of the main pillars of the success of Veris is the joint logistic strength. Our own logistics center, Veris Logistiek Centrum (VLC) in Echt, Veris Logistiek Centrum (VLC) in Deventer and an efficient distribution system ensures every affiliated company a good and rapid logistics of their orders. The VLC with more than 27,000 square meters of storage space is a vital link between suppliers and the warehouses of Bouwcenter and Stiho branches. Products with a low stock turnover, but also highly specialized products don’t need precious space in the warehouses of the affiliated companies. Via the VLC the companies always dispose of a very wide range of products. There is an intensive distribution service available with products almost daily being delivered.




Veris Bouwmaterialengroep B.V. is a member of EURO-MAT. EURO-MAT is the leading European cooperation of independent builders’ merchants. Founded in 1989, the cooperation has today a market leading presence in 20 European countries and realizes, with a portfolio of 19 shareholders and more than 7.650 outlets, a turnover of 33 Billion Euros.


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